Parks and Recreation


The Parks and Recreation Department goal is to provide safe, clean, and beautiful facilities, parks and open areas that citizens can enjoy for recreational fun, as well as programs to enrich our youth.  Services will be provided to encourage long-term community stability and growth.

We invite you, your family or organization to make regular visits to any of these facilities.  Groups or organizations interested in renting these facilities may contact the Parks and Recreation Department at (251) 452-7817.

City Parks

Our city parks offer a wide variety of activities.  At Highpoint Park, you can play basketball, MYFL football, have parties under the pavilion, and have cookouts.  The children will be truly entertained on the colorful playground.  Fagerstrom Park can be used for MYFL league along with NFL flag football.  At Pollard Park, you will find tee baseball, football, basketball, and tennis camps with plenty of open picnic areas for the elementary schools.

John Fagerstrom Park
4702 St. Stephens Road

Pollard Park
523 W. Clark Avenue

Renaissance Park
Lovejoy Loop

Snug Harbor Park
Swedish Lane

Passive Park
Highway 45

Jackson Reading
Newton Avenue

Highpoint Park
4331 Highpoint Blvd

Rebel Road Park

McDonald Municipal Park
Whistler Street

Prichard Municipal Stadium
The stadium has a capacity of 8,000 to 10,000 people.  It is used for high school football games, concerts, horse shows, summer youth football camps, relay for life, and an annual family fun day.