Finance Department


To ensure the accuracy, integrity and usefulness of financial information produced for elected officials, department directors and the general public.


The City’s Finance Department plays an important role in the success of the City. The department is responsible for financial reporting, invoicing and bill payment, and managing capital improvement projects.  Fiscal control is exercised by the Director’s budget monitoring and expense mandates. Fiscal accountability is achieved through the proper use of internal control procedures to ensure the accuracy of data. The ultimate purpose of the Finance Department is to provide accurate and timely information to elected officials and department heads that will enable them to make sound business decisions.

The City’s Finance Department is committed to the following goals:

  • Provide accurate and timely financial information
  • Properly maintain the records, books and ledgers in order to reflect the financial status of the City to provide timely reports
  • Ensure that internal controls are regularly evaluated
  • To comply with the most recent state and national standards of generally accepted accounting principles