Community Development


To maintain and improve the quality of life for Prichard residents by ensuring the safety of its citizens, providing high quality services, and by maintaining a strong economic base.

In order to keep the best of what we have today and improve upon prospects for tomorrow, the City of Prichard Community Development Department is focused on the following objectives:


  • Create a positive sense of community identity among our citizens.
  • Maintain high quality residential housing, a downtown center, commercial corridors, industrial parks, public works, and transportation.
  • Implement programs and projects that will enhance educational, cultural, recreational, and open space amenities within our community.
  • Participate in the planning and preparation of the City’s capital improvements long-term plan and budget.
  • Provide community services that recognize the changing diversity of our population with regard to age, ethnicity, background, and other characteristics.
  • Cultivate both a clean, natural environment and a strong economic base.

The Community Development Department is responsible for assessing and administering grants through ensuring proper programmatic or project implementation, disbursing grant funds and overseeing their proper and legal use.

For questions about zoning issues, please contact the Inspections Department.

Project H.O.P.E.

Adopt-A-Spot Targeted Community Cleanup Program (Keeping Prichard Beautiful)

Adoption Agreement

Adoption Application

Leadership Prichard

Leadership Prichard Acceptance Agreement

Leadership Prichard Application

Youth Leadership Prichard

Youth Leadership Prichard Acceptance Agreement

Youth Leadership Prichard Application

Weed and Seed Strategy

  • Steering Committee
  • Sub-Committee Meetings

Environment and Sustainability

  • Community Action for Renewed Environment (CARE)
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

Safe Routes to Schools

Tree City, U.S.A.

  • Arbor Day Celebration

The Yard of the Month program is a great community award! Winners of this award will receive the yard of the month sign in their yard for a month, and a photo of their yard (with or without them in the photo, depending on their preference) and the photo will appear in that month’s Prichard Report, as well as here on the website.  If you know of someone in your neighborhood who has a beautiful yard and deserves to be recognized, simply nominate them here!

Nomination Form

Mail nomination form to:

Community Development Office 216 E. Prichard Avenue Prichard Alabama 36610

You know you want to see this sign in your neighborhood!  On your own lawn, perhaps?