6.2.20 – Mayor Gardner’s Statement on the Death of George Floyd

6.2.20 – Mayor Gardner’s Statement on the Death of George Floyd

Prichard, Alabama – June 2, 2020: The tragic events leading the death of Mr. George Floyd and subsequent public protests fueled by righteous indignation over the event itself as well as the handling of those responsible for or accessories to the event has prompted this statement from City of Prichard Mayor Jimmie Gardner:

“Most of us have spent almost 2 months abiding by Governor Ivey’s Stay At Home or Safer At Home orders due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has gripped the world. During that time, Prichard first responders and I have worked tirelessly to address any concerns of our residents. We have supported them through COVID-19 related illnesses and even deaths, while doing our best to keep the community educated about the impact of the disease and how to best guard against it per the directives of the CDC.

I have the upmost respect for our first responders and for all who commit to serve our citizens in the best way possible. However, what I witnessed on Monday, May 25th was one of my hardest days in office because it spoke to how far we still have to go despite how great and servant-oriented most first responders are. The merciless treatment of Mr. George Floyd fueled a mixture of emotions in most of us ranging from anger to grief. How Mr. Floyd was handled is 100% unacceptable and we both feel and hear the pain of the protestors. We stand with you.

As the Mayor of Prichard, I support those who protest in the spirit of love, of righteous indignation, of demanding civility and common decency of mankind. My team of first responders and I stand ready to support your protest in a positive way and welcome you to the table to discuss conflict resolution efforts BEFORE any more destructive behavior happens to the city that Prichard residents love. We must work together to protect what’s ours and not allow agitators or outsiders to destroy and leave US in the dust. I hear you and ask you to share back what it will take to create lasting change to a centuries old series of problems. I also ask you to remember the COVID-19 warnings because we need each and everyone of you here to work with us towards that day of resolution.”

If you have questions about the City of Prichard, please contact the Office of the Mayor via email at communications@thecityofprichard.org