3.18.20 – Mayor’s Directive

3.18.20 – Mayor’s Directive

By Order of the Health Officer – No.01-2020 (2019-nCo Y)

Restaurant and Bar Owners in the City of Prichard:

Please be advised that I am in receipt of the Mobile County Health Department Order of the Health Officer regarding the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on restaurants, bars and Priority Category 3 food service establishments.

The City of Prichard shall abide by and enforce this order that prohibits on-premises consumption of food or drink for one week. This directive may be reevaluated and modified per the mandates in the Order.

While I’ve had an opportunity to speak with most owners prior to distribution of this directive, this county-wide order is effective immediately. We appreciate the business and the community’s understanding regarding our efforts of flatten the curve and reduce the spike in incidents of the novel Coronavirus across our community

If you have questions about the written directive, please contact the Office of the Mayor via email at communications@thecityofprichard.org or telephone at (251) 452-7800.