10.01.20 – Mayor Gardner Press Conference About Prichard Water

10.01.20 – Mayor Gardner Press Conference About Prichard Water

Mayor Gardner Holds Press Conference to Respond to Prichard Water Board’s repeated refusal to meet

Prichard, Alabama –  On Wednesday,  9/30/20 Mayor Jimmie Gardner received the attached letter from Prichard Water Works & Sewer Board stating their refusal to meet due to “political” reasons. Mayor Gardner will host a press conference today at 2 p.m., the same time as the requested meeting with PWW&SB,  to share more information that has not previously been shared with the public.

The issues with Prichard Water have existed for years – not simply since this election cycle. For years, Mayor Gardner has attempted to work with them both to resolve the existing issues on behalf of the citizens and to stop new ones from plaguing our community. The majority of these requests have been made privately with a myriad of the following responses from PWW&SB: No Reply/Acknowledgement, “No” due to existing litigation, and now – “No” due to the political season.

“As the representative of the people, I am both pleased to have actually received a response from PWW&SB; but more importantly, very disappointed that once again Prichard Water appears to have invalidated and dismissed the pain that our citizens have been experiencing for YEARS,” Mayor Gardner lamented. “Contrary to the PWW&SB’s claim, this has never been about politics. It IS 100% about the people of our great cities – both Prichard AND Chickasaw whose residents have reached out to me as well.

“It is my hope that PWW&SB will realize the damage that they are doing to our communities and agree to come to the table one week from today on October 8th at 2 pm – after the election that they are so concerned about – to immediately fix the issues that are causing significant harm to their customers.”

Media is welcome to attend today’s Zoom meeting at 2 p.m. The link is attached and is reserved for the Water Board participants, media, and Mayor Gardner’s team. It is not for the public.

The public can view the press conference on the Mayor’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MayorOfPrichard/

Please advise if members of media plan to attend by emailing communications@thecityofprichard.org by Thursday at 1 p.m. Thank you.

As always, please feel free to call with questions to (251) 452-7800, extension 8.