01.29.20 – Mayor Gardner Statement on Payroll Challenges

Mayor Gardner Statament: “For the past few pay periods, the City Of Prichard has experienced software problems with its payroll system. These problems have caused some employees to receive incorrect bi-weekly paychecks. In some situations, the paychecks were lower than expected. In other situations, the paychecks were higher than expected. If the employee’s check was lower than it should have been, the employee will receive backpay to make him or her whole. If the employee’s check was higher than it should have been, the overage amount will be deducted from the employee’s next paycheck. If the employee has any specific questions about their specific situation, the employee should contact his or her supervisor. Mayor Gardner finds the current situation unacceptable. He is committed to working with the payroll department and the software vendor to prevent these situations from happening in the future.”