James Blackman

Chief of Staff

During this administration, my primary responsibility is to assist the Mayor, assist the Citizens of this great city. As we move forward together, it is my desire to see the City join together on one accord to improve the conditions and bring about Brighter Days.

We must focus on these key issues in order for the good work to be effective!

We must identify strategies to further nurture our creative economy and recommend approaches that engage residents across the city to come together to celebrate our rich arts culture, invest in public installments for our neighborhoods and find more private partners to stand up robust arts learning programs in our city. The importance of having a healthy environment can not  be  overstated. A healthy environment is not only important for the well being of Prichard’s residents, it can also be an economic driver that makes our city more livable. Healthier, greener, cities dramatically improve the quality of life for residents, save the city  money, and increase our competitiveness and ability to attract new residents, businesses, and tourism.  The City of Prichard should be at the forefront of these efforts, both regionally and nationally, and as the Mayor is committed to this cause, I am committed to making that happen.”

I pledge to be transparent and honest in every dealing of the city. We must be cordial and respectful of each other while working together to better serve our community.  We deserve a government that is representative of, and accountable to, each one of the citizens of Prichard.  Mayor-Elect Gardner will work to restore faith in our local government and push for the most open and transparent administration possible, to provide better and more efficient city services

In my years of Public Service, I have relied on this one Principle “Take the road less travelled”. In doing what is morally right, not following the crowd and creating your own path, more opportunities avail themselves. During this 2016-2020 administration, it is my desire for the city to take the road less traveled by doing “a new thing” while restoring the hope and trust of the Citizens of Prichard, AL.